About Habilience

Habilience is the brand name of the optical touch solution of Nuribom Co., Ltd. It is a combination of the Latin word Habilis and the English word Science.
The optical touch sensor of Habilience provides the user, the system integrator/developer, and the application developer an intuitive, familiar, and simple way to use a non OS specific touch experience. The application developer can utilize the libraries supplied with the optical touch sensor to produce a varied and unique program for the multi touch display. The many uses of the technology of Habilience includes the large (80" ~ 200") interactive boards, the medium (40" ~ 80") digital signage, and the small (10" - 40") all-in-one PCs.

Every employee should find meaning in their lives in the company that we envision. As a community, human relationship is important, and it should last generations. Harmony, cooperation, and distribution are three values to make a sustainable company. A democratic company that can be influenced by its employees, growth that is not based on how many but rather on how pertinent it is. As a company founded on the merits of craftsmanship, the resulting product needs to pass our strict and controlled testing.
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