ChalkBox 3
“Easy to use anyone”
“The perfect software for the teacher”
The powerful annotation software for a Interactive-Whiteboard users.
A simple application to write, draw, erase and save for future use. There are three means of writing i.e. the pen, the marker, or the oriental brush. One can also change the color and the thickness of each pen, marker, or brush. Have tools to draw circles, rectangles, and triangles. An easy and useful application!
» Marker pen, Highlighter, Eraser ...
» Object Selector
» Vector type processing
» Screen Cropping
» Multi-screen supporting
» Recording screen
» Notes
» Printing and Exporting
» Backup and Restore of Note data
» Pdf Reader
» Screen sharing (on developing)
Official Website
» www.chalkbox.co.kr
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