ChalkBox 2
An annotation program for Habilience Optical Touchscreen users.
A simple application to write, draw, erase and save for future use. There are three means of writing i.e. the pen, the marker, or the oriental brush. One can also change the color and the thickness of each pen, marker, or brush. Have tools to draw circles, rectangles, and triangles. An easy and useful application!
» Pen
» Marker
» Brush
» Eraser
» Save Screen
» Spotlight
» Printing
» Screens - allows the annotation on top of a video or flash application
The middle section changes colors when one selects a pen, marker, or brush.
When one clicks on the eraser icon, the middle section changes to show the thickness of the eraser.
The bottom half of the ChalkBox window has four buttons. From left to right, clockwise, Redo/Undo, Blackboard, Tool Box and Screens.
Start drawing as soon as you launch the program by selecting Pen, Marker, or Oriental Brush. Go to the Screens icon so that one can see what is happening on screen while one writes; use the Magnifier feature to zoom into an image; Save or Print parts or the whole screen; or simply use the Virtual Keyboard to type in your favorite site, all with the use of one´s own fingers!
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