The touch sensor product includes the following applications. In addition, there are software that one can purchase in bulk, thru separate orders, or simply download it thru the net.
For the end user
T3k Configure
- Settings program for the end user.
- Provide ease of use thru Action Profiling, Calibration, Settings and Remote Assistance.
For the developer
- COM libraries for Windows.
- Provided for program developers who would like to use the multi-touch features of our touch sensor.
- Examples provided.
For the technician
T3k Upgrader
- T3000 firmware upgrade program for the technician.
- To support the enhancement of features and correct possible bugs within the product lifecycle.
T3k Factory Edition
- Settings program for the technicians.
- Tool to enhance production efficiency.
- Opens the encapsulated features for the technicians to use.
T3k Softlogic
- Settings program for the technicians.
Software of Habilience
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