A set of optical touch sensors for integration into large displays or white-boards.
This high performance and robust multi-touch sensor will provide many touch solution benefits. Manufacturers will be surprised by the easy and safe manufacturing processes in bulding a T3000. Follow along in the world's progression into the touch interface.
With a simple USB connection, it is possible to use multi-touch features on many programs without a need to install a driver on most operating systems.
Also, at the user's discretion, one can redefine the actions taken when a certain gesture is recognized by the computer, therefore providing the user with the means to change the touch behavior.
Large interactive-board
> Applicable to large screens. (80~300 inches recommended)
> Able to process 125Hz.
> Any pointing device can be used i.e. stick, pen or finger.
> Robustness compared to capacitive/resistive touch screens.
> Calibration with ease.
> No need to install software for touch screen functionality.
> Need external power of 5V.
> Maximum aspect ratio of 3:1.
> Dead zone is smaller than reflective type.
> Support for multi-touch.
> Gesture recognition support.
> Support installation of external function key.
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